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7 Reasons Your Child Needs Good Sleep

1. Sleep Promotes Healthy Growth.     You've probably had mornings where you've sworn your baby got bigger overnight, and you'd be right. "Growth hormone is primarily secreted during deep sleep," says Judith Owens, M.D., director of sleep medicine at Children's National Medical Center, in Washington, D.C., and a Parents advisor. Mother Nature seems to have protected babies by making sure they spend about 50 percent of their time in this deep sleep, considered to be essential for adequate growth. Italian researchers, studying children with deficient levels of growth hormone, have found that they sleep less deeply than average children do.   2. Sleep Boosts Learning. A baby may look peaceful when he's sleeping, but his brain is busy all night...

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5 of the Best Bedroom Colors to Help Promote Sleep One of the simplest ways to create a calming bedroom space to help promote better sleep is the use of color. The colors in your bedroom should be tranquility-inducing and have a calming vibe to help you relax. Cooler hues such as colors like gray, blue, green or purple have been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety and will help create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. To promote sleep through color in your bedroom, think of light-blues, earth tones or soft, muted colors. Stay away from any bright, bold colors because they promote energy and will make it harder to relax and sleep well. 1. Nature is always...

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Falling asleep shouldn't be difficult. Here are a few simple tips and inexpensive products that will make falling asleep much faster and easier! 1. COOL ROOM TEMPERATURE Adjust the thermostat about a hour before you go to bed. The ideal temperature for sleep-friendly conditions is 65 degrees. The cooler air temperature induces sleepiness and prevents night sweats. Plus you will fall asleep faster and sleep better with a cooler bedroom temperature. 2. TRY TO STAY AWAKE Reverse psychology works for sleeping too! If you try to stay awake, it can actually help relieve the stress of trying to fall asleep. This will trick your brain into an instant sleep success! Try reading a book or just close your eyes and...

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