5 of the Best Bedroom Colors to Help Promote Sleep

One of the simplest ways to create a calming bedroom space to help promote better sleep is the use of color. The colors in your bedroom should be tranquility-inducing and have a calming vibe to help you relax. Cooler hues such as colors like gray, blue, green or purple have been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety and will help create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.

To promote sleep through color in your bedroom, think of light-blues, earth tones or soft, muted colors. Stay away from any bright, bold colors because they promote energy and will make it harder to relax and sleep well.

1. Nature is always the best inspiration for soothing colors.

How relaxing is the sky on a clear, crisp day? For people that want more color without going dark, icy blue is the perfect bedroom color. Avoid pastel baby blue and go for more of a light blue with a hint of gray. Icy blue is incredibly relaxing color that can also serve as a neutral palette.

Though it can go with almost any color, it is best combined with accents that are warm grays, taupes, or chocolate brown to create a warm, relaxing and inviting space.

2. Another color taken from nature that can create feelings of serenity and contentment is soft neutral green.

Find a green that had a grey under tone, and again stay away from pastels. The perfect soft neutral green will have you feeling grounded and elegant and will help create a relaxing atmosphere for your bedroom. Medium to dark woods will pare wonderfully also.

3. Calming colors doesn’t necessarily mean boring!

Dark gray-blue is a very dramatic bedroom color that also is calming, cool and can add a relaxing vibe. Though dark colors can make rooms feel slightly smaller, it has a cozy effect in bedrooms. Add white elements to help light bounce around the room. Maybe a bright white ceiling, white bedding or rug to bring some brightness into the darker color on the walls. Also, you can use warm-hued materials like sea grass, jute, wood to help warm up any cool color palette.

4. For people that like lighter options, soft gray also has an amazing calming effect.

Pure white rooms can feel cold and grim. Just by adding a tint of gray to the walls, your room will still feel bright and inviting, as well as calm and relaxing. With the lighter color walls, adding some darker elements into the room will give the space a more comfortable feeling. Throw pillows, art work, accents with darker gray or blue colors will pop more with the lighter color walls and make the room feel more personal.

5. Lavender?

. Lavender is not typically thought about for a relaxing master bedroom color but it the right lavender can be a very sophisticated option. Purple hues are stress-reducing and have a very calming aura. Make sure you pair it with warm colors also, like wood floors, warm-hued carpet, etc. because it is a very cooling color. You can also try pairing lavender with dark grays, black and silver tones to create a more grown up atmosphere.

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